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5+ years of stellar names in the industry of freight

Organization backed up by a team of experts in freight forwarding and logistics


Nepal Sea Transport Pvt. Ltd (NST) was inaugurated in early 2018 AD as one of the stellar names in the industry of freight forwarding and logistics in Nepal, this organization is backed up by a team of experts in freight forwarding and logistics. Nepal Sea Transport is fully dedicated in serving clients and consequently, solving their most challenging logistics issues and making their business easier and more profitable.

Broadly, to improvise the standard of supply chain organization and its services, Nepal Sea Transport Pvt. Ltd (NST) has set in motion.

With an aim of creating synergy in pursuing a collective goal with its best version of services, Nepal Sea Transport (NST) has been captivating Nepalese market serving more than 300 customers till date with its peculiar services contributing to sustainable globalization through a better balance of international trade.

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What we
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Nepal Sea Transport Pvt. Ltd, being a fully integrated supply chain organization has been an integral part of completing the import and export process of goods within countries to facilitate international trade, i.e., handling non-vessel operating services, and freight services including freight forwarding services and cross-trade services all over the world. Its best version of services can be categorized as sophisticated transportation, warehousing, distribution services, an end-to-end transport solution for all types of goods, offering the best competitive rates, a vast range of services, high-class customer-friendly services with the motive of delivering fast, reliable and quality service along with gaining trust and maintaining long-term relationships with its customers. Moreover, Nepal Sea Transport (NST) has been enrolling as General Agent for Nepal Shipping Lines and consequently, creating strong collaboration with renowned vessel operators/airlines to strengthen its potentialities and widen its prospects herewith to represent numerous top shipping lines in the world thus, standardizing the level of logistics in Nepal and herein to simplify several challenging logistics issues in Nepal.

Future Prospects

With the pace of time, Nepal Sea Transport constantly explores new paradigms of services according to contemporary market practices in order to maintain operational performance and reinforce its competitive advantages. Also, to maintain the standard of its services, our company has made strategic alliances with the renowned carrier to distribute operational risk and reinforce its services network ultimately contributing to meet customers’ complicated needs on a timely basis.

Undoubtedly, the standing experiences and expertise that we have is making possibilities to achieve a strong foothold in the market along with a reliable set of networks and collaborations with other third-party service providers.